Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This won't be a Politically Correct post.

I want no kids. I have no interest in raising any. Babies are cute, long as I won't have to feed them or change their diapers. However, once they start walking, it's off to boarding school, dudes. 

Here's why:
*Having kids means feeling the added pressure to provide well for them...and that would cause me unending grief, considering my current pressures right now.
*Kids are loud. 
*No offense to single parents out there who have found ways to make it work, but I see myself being single for some time...and that I think it's not the ideal way kids should be raised.
*Kids are hyperactive and demand copious amounts of playtime and it's not in my personality to provide that.

Here's why I may need kids:
*Social Security and Medicare are both going bankrupt...and kids are a good insurance policy.


Bravone said...

Well... you could adopt a kid right before they are ready to move out.

BLB said...

Bingo, Bravone. A man of wisdom you are.