Friday, November 4, 2011

A Few After-USGA Thursday Thoughts...

So, Carol Lynn Pearson came to the Y to speak. It was an enlightening experience to hear her perspectives about Mormonism and Sexuality.

Here are some bits from her fireside that stood out:

*We are all heroes on a path to find the elixir that heals all. What is that elixir? She never really specified what it is, but I personally think the journey is the elixir itself. Our journeys to gain respect, to find and give love, and to truly know who we are and our strengths are all what really matter in the end.
*We must be thankful for what we have today that many of our gay, lesbian, trans, queer, or bi brothers and sisters simply lacked. We have a society that is more open, understanding, and sympathetic. 
*What was really touching was her love of Christ...and all that He has done to reach out to each and every one of us, even if we ourselves think we are undeserving. 
*She also counseled us not to make "stupid" choices. Our religious beliefs may have evolved, but our common sense should still exist.
*We must make our voices heard, be it in the church, out of it, or in between. The world may be a scary place, but we can foster communication if we simply grow some balls and be brave.
*If we look back at all the mistakes we have made in shunning the vulnerable amongst us, we shall look back in shame.