Saturday, April 14, 2012

RIP MoHo era (2006-2012)

      'Tis a new beginning that is coming our way. After the smashing success of the BYU panel on Homosexuality and the "It Gets Better" video, there is a sleek, brand-new, mainstream, Mormon-friendly version of LGBT exposure that's rocking the LDS world. Gone are the days of undue secrecy and constant silence. Gone are the days of sharp distinction between the hetero realm and "everybody else". Heck, it's the in-thing at BYU to be pro-gay, with all the cool kids having at least one LGBT friend. Even the struggles in the blogs have shifted from internal struggles and doctrinal questions to mostly outside battles (coming out, dealing with/bettering society, being a voice for others, etc)

     Also, the LDS LGBT contingent of which I'm aware has also become rather tame and non-threatening. A lot of them cling to God/spirituality and the hopes of having a Hallmark Card family with the spouse of their choice.  Instead of the bitterness and never-ending gloom, a new sense of optimism has taken hold. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

BYU Students: It Gets Better

BYU paraphernalia? Check?
Tons of BYU students coming out of the closet? Check.