Thursday, March 14, 2013

The truth is...

I hate how society rewards all the nice, overly sweet, fake people in the world. What happened to rewarding being oneself? Nice is -not- a personality trait. It's a state of holding back what's really on one's mind.

*I hate it when I do everything to be part of someone else's lives and they make no effort in return.
*I hate it when people laugh at jokes they don't even think are funny just to fit in.
*I hate it when people don't recognise me and are nothing but jealous of me.
*I hate it when I get shunned because I'm the only one that knows the truth, and is willing to speak it.
*I hate stupid people.
*I hate 99% of society, because they enable this crap. I am the 1% that sees people for what they are: brainless zombies.
*I -love- myself.

Alright, that felt great.