Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thinning the Herd.

Many are called, few are chosen.

               It seems to me that mental health issues affect tons of the GLBTQ community. A good friend once told me that only a small proportion ever come out of the closet with all their sanity intact. Why is that so? An unhappy childhood? A retroactively unhappy childhood (one that was happy when it was experienced, but hindsight changes the perception)?  Many queers (and I use this term in the non-pejorative, inclusive sense) still have the mindsets of teenagers, even those in their 40's. What the heck is going on?

               Am I the only one who dabbles in pre-emptive sadness/anger/(insert negative emotion here) before the actual moment when it is fitting to express it? Is it a way of keeping those at a distance so that it wouldn't overtake me? Maybe I just don't like being too expressive. It's silly.


               Wanna know what's fun? Walkin' around town at night with someone you care about; talking random nonsense that nobody else would understand and just taking in the fresh air without worrying about the darn sun sapping you of energy. I got to do that tons of times over the last week, including tonight. 

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