Sunday, July 10, 2011

The power of humility.

            One of the biggest items of hindrance for me has been my insistence in worrying about things that often become irrelevant over time. Yeah, according to some folks, that's one of the biggest markers of my personality. I guess it's this unquenchable need to control everything so that I don't end up getting caught off guard. Ironically, whenever I do so, things end up blowing up in my maybe I need to not control things in order to have control over them.

           One of my biggest problems with the way some folks act is their insistence on putting themselves up as examples to be followed or saints to be praised when they really offer nothing of any real worth. The awful thing about it is that there are many that fall for the trap and end up worshipping these false saints. There is this guy named "Nathan" (identity changed to protect the not-so-innocent) in my former Singles' Ward. Nathan came back from his mission with an ego that would make Donald Trump blush. Secure he was in his "position" in his family, his employment and his schooling, Nathan was the darling of those that surrounded him. I saw right through the B.S. since Day 1, but folks were hell-bent in defending the heck out of him and even dared to call me "jealous". Well, he found himself engaged to some airhead Mormon Princess who dropped out of school and was basically counting on being dependent to him...and he liked having that weak girl worship him in the same mode that his friends did.

            Well, the engagement fell apart...and news came out of their pre-marital sexual relations. They could no longer get the temple wedding...and eventually the wedding was called off and folks saw Nathan for what he really was: a douche. After the countless Testimony Meeting spiels about the importance of being holy and of the Temple, the fake image waned and the truth came out. Here is my reaction on the inside:

I really have no malice against Nathan, though. I want him to grow some and become a more humble person.

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iPhonagraphy said...

You hit the nail on the head. I was telling a friend a few weeks ago that the most seemingly righteous, hardcore, vocal mormon always seem to be the first to fall. When I was in the mission field, a douche got up in zone conference, belittle all of us, call the entire zone cry babies, bragged about how hard he was going to work, keep the rules and show us 'how it's done'. A few weeks later he was sent home for "inappropriate relations" with a 13 year old girl.