Saturday, September 17, 2011

It doesn't take much.

The standards for happiness tend to be overly raised. I'm not gonna simplify things and say that the depths of sorrow are caused by the phenomenon of high expectations, but high expectations ain't exactly deterrents. The best moments in life come not in the big victories, but the little treasures we find in the sands of our experiences.  

1. I like coming up with unique ways of saying things. 
2. Humor is a big component of my life. I tend to be drawn to the cheesy as well as the exaggerated. It just works. 
3. I enjoy breaking social mores with the same enthusiasm in which I follow them. Those whom I'm around are key. 
4. Folks who know me well all have differing opinions of me. That chameleon side of me exists, for good or ill.
5. Be not scared of testing limits, defying expectations, and conquering stereotypes. You've got a it. 

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