Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Utah v. Everywhere Else. (OKCupid answers)

Alright, so I compared the answers than those in Utah put against what I see from other places. There are some interesting patterns (none of this is scientific, so take this with a 300 ton grain of rock salt) that I see amongst the queers in Utah that look rather peculiar compared to the general population.

How do you feel about kids?
Those in Utah tend to answer that they "love kids" at a higher rate than anywhere else.

Would you consider roleplaying out a rape fantasy with partner who asked you to?
Those in Utah are MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more likely to say "no".

Your significant other is perfectly content with their minimum wage job and has no plans to look for more challenging/better paying work. Is this a problem?|
Utahns seem more likely to bail in this scenario than others.
How do you feel about age differences in relationships?
Utahns seem much more tolerant about age differences than the general population.

How do you think your sex drive compares to what is typical for other people of your age and gender?
There seems to be greater instances of "above average" in the Beehive State than what I observe elsewhere.

You're in a romantic relationship with someone you really like. As far as you're concerned, how long will it take before you'll have sex?
In the "mission field", it usually takes 6+, but the threshold is lower in Utah.

Other Notes:
*There is less propensity to like "cuddling" outside Utah and greater intolerance of cuddling between friends who are in relationships, but not with each other.
*There is greater propensity in the "mission field" of "replying selectively/very selectively" to messages...while Utahns tend to "reply often".
*Lower kinkiness to compensate for greater general sluttiness in Utah.

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